Sacrifice as I would define it is giving up something to get something…..  Usually sacrifice is not just giving up anything… you’ll have to give up something of value….  God sacrificed his only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins because of the love He has for us. Even though we had sinned against him, He gave us a second chance at salvation…. Now we can boldly declare that we are His children, we can confidently claim that we would make heaven…. Because God decided to make a sacrifice

 You’ll probably be wondering why am talking about sacrifice……  I resumed school recently, and I had to pay for my fees, shop for provisions and all, all this obligations my parents had to fulfill excluding other house expenses and those of my siblings… and it just came to my mind how much my parents are sacrificing in order for me to get a better education than they did, in order for me to turn up better in life than they are. I was just amazed at how much I know my parents will sacrifice to achieve this, they go  out there every  morning till night, working to ensure my siblings and I are well taken care of…. God has been faithful but I know of a few things my parents had to let go of in order to fulfill ‘’our needs’’

At one point or the other in our lives, we’ll have to make sacrifices….. I think sacrifice is unavoidable in life, even God sacrificed his Son, and your parents are giving up a lot just to ensure you have it easy……  I’ll just like to encourage you this new session to make a little sacrifice…. Whatever is making you too comfortable to read, do your assignments, and do your projects…. Get rid of it…..  Is it sleeping… sleep less…. You don’t read… make that little sacrifice and burn the midnight candle…..  Is it food… eat less….because it’s only for a while…. Maximum 6years and you’ll be done with it all… it won’t be nice to do things shabbily and when you are graduating begin to wish things have turned out differently….

Pray hard, read hard and play hard…. Hehehe!!…  Wishing y’all a wonderful session ahead… and *whoop* am in 400L :D…. I thank the Lord


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