hey people…. been busy with my exams so i haven’t dropped a little something to keep you inspired since…. sorry 🙂

hmm… so to the matter on my mind atm…”words”…. many at times we don’t realize how the words that come out from our mouth affect people… there’s a lot i would like to write on this… the biblical translation of the word (how Jesus is the word) , the day to day insults we participate in (me included)…. but in this article I’ll focus mainly on how to control what we say to people.

so i was talking with my very good friend today and we were talking about how you will say something for instance and take it as nothing and someone else might be annoyed about it. the things we say really go a long way in affecting our friends, lets try and watch it.

words… as i always say (in my head..lol) determines a persons view of you, its not just all about first impression, from the moment you start speaking unconsciously we create our opinion of the person.

there was this certain person i came across: quiet and all, looking all innocent… but when the person spoke, it was a shocker! she was very rude, too loud, uncaring of what she said or who it affected, she was only concerned with her opinion ….i then looked at everybody’s expression, it was like every one was used to her. i also noticed she had few friends, even the ones that claimed to be her friends were careful around her.

some people speak badly of others, its really not good (even though i do that once in a while)… its not just about how much grammar you can blow 🙂 its more like what comes out of your mouth when you speak?….. does it make any sense?….. do you consider peoples feelings when you talk?……


how to speak better….(suggestions)

  • try to tell someone they look good or give someone a word of encouragement when you see them…  it goes a long way in boosting their self confidence like a friend of mine once told me 🙂 and it works!
  • the word of God is another way to speak wisely… when you study the word you’ll notice that you’ll be a better person hence speak with wisdom!
  • try to see the good in every one and say it…. don’t just think it….

make it a duty from now…. that the words that come out of your mouth impact those around you positively… instead of contributing to someones headache! 🙂 thanks for reading!!



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