fingers crossed

Am trying my hand at writing fictional stories, tell me what you think ……. here goes 🙂

it’s a sunny day, i just woke up and the first thing i notice is the clock on my wall making that annoying tic toc sound, like it’s telling me time waits for no man…. i then remember i was meant to burn the mid-night candle, because i thought Mr. Joseph will probably give us a test today!….

The only thing running through my mind at this very moment… ‘‘Just a few more weeks”… I’ll be done with school (tertiary education)… God knows i couldn’t wait to be done with projects, assignments, tests… the only thing that gives me hope this last few days is just that thought.

So there i was, still trying to figure out what to do first, ”read my devotional?”…. ‘‘Quickly revise my LMP 424?”… ” go and have my bath?” when all of a sudden the noisy P.A was switched on…. and i thought to myself if there’s one thing i won’t miss in this school it’s this P.A…. and there came the familiar voice, announcing something.. I immediately turned off and decided it best i took my bath and every other thing would follow.

the time is 9am…. my class is for 10am…. i have had my bath, read my devotional, even squeezed in a little time to revise… at least i would write something if he brought out an impromptu test i convinced myself…. so i committed my day to the Lord and set out to attend classes.

day after day, this was like my routine!…. i was tired of it all, i had just finished my defense… it was beautiful!… i just thank God i have completed that phase of my life…. the whole hustle of always going to meet your project supervisor to review your work, the late night researches, typing…. it was all over now…. i just had to finish my exams and I’ll be done….

the day i have been waiting for is finally here…. everyone looking all so radiant, so many congratulations everywhere… i have been feeling like a star all morning… the ceremony was like a déjàvu, I had played this scene a million times in my head that  it felt so familiar!…. the awards i received, friends and families that came to support me, my fellow graduating colleagues…. were all one big memory i wasn’t going to forget anytime soon.

As we drove through the gate of my Alma Mata… i gave it one last look, and all the memories came rushing back, how i had scaled through 5 years in this institution, how i was leaving a changed person, indeed the school passed through me and the world was about to see that. I was most especially grateful because i had my ticket of freedom… i was going to the world to represent Christ. I now had the chance to prove my worth and the world will just have to watch 🙂



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  1. Quite fulfilled I guessed right… I know you have it… I know you have it and this is special… Brilliant write up, Wow!


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