a monday morning…. :)

am still lying on my bed, it’s 9:04am….. i have a paper (exam) today… but that’s not enough motivation for me to stand up atm… my body aches like crazy, due to some over sabi exercise i did a few days back!

anyways..my devotional was all about wisdom today….. and it got me thinking, wisdom is a very essential tool in life… it is this wisdom that separates a wise man from a fool. my bible tells me that by wisdom kings rule….

many at times, people confuse wisdom with knowledge…. knowledge is basically what we acquire in schools… they are facts….. wisdom on the other hand is not something you can learn by merely reading a textbook or something!…. ”wisdom is in limited copies”… as i would like to think of it, at times a wise person is referred to as wise due to live changing experiences he has encountered…. so he is in a state of….” don’t do this…. i know what i have seen…. it won’t work out this way…. try doing it this way”…..

but that’s not even the type of wisdom am talking about….. am referring to the type that has no age limit….. its really a simple thing though…. (proverbs 2: 6, James 1:5 )… just read the whole proverbs chapter 2 sha…. it talks about wisdom, knowledge and understanding!…

as a christian, the bible (the word of God) is really the insight to all things in life, its like a life manual…. God is the giver of wisdom…. Solomon in the bible… a popular story we all know talks about a young king who asked God for wisdom to rule his people… and he had wisdom that God said the earth has never and will never see its kind…

i guess my point this Monday morning is….. its not all about the knowledge you acquire in school…. out there wisdom is what will keep you standing. no one cares how much knowledge you have especially in an age where we can always Google it out! 🙂

ask God for wisdom this day!… and experience a life where your teachers will marvel at your understanding!! :D…. have a lovely day ahead y’all…. thanks for reading!!


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  1. men would define wisdom as the correct application of knowledge but the bible defines wisdom as the fear of God and as such it is the principal thing…the Bible also says Christ has been made on to us, wisdom and He is the wisdom of God…so if the Jesus is functioning in us then the wisdom of God is functioning in us and if so, then we know all things…you know what it means to function as the ancient of days…all things would be made know to you…i pray the wisdom of God -Jesus would function in us all…shalom..


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