So there i was today, chatting with a friend and thinking of what to blog about today!…. and there came the suggestion…. forgiveness…. and i thought to myself..hmm not bad!.. so here i am… writing my opinion on what forgiveness really is..

forgiveness, i have got to understand is not really about the person that offended you… it really is for you!… am i the only one or when someone annoys you, at times the person might not even know you are angry!… you just have this heavy burden in your heart!… you don’t really feel good until you pour out how angry you are to someone or write about it… you just need to talk to someone/ write somewhere how you truly feel.

you will not have total peace till you forgive the person!… i remember this one incident that someone got me so mad!…i was angry at the person, but then the person looked pretty normal…living their normal life… I was the one taking it all p!… J  Just the sight of the person alone annoyed me, i was angry in my spirit, i didn’t feel better till i sorted out our differences and forgave the person.

The bible even says that you should forgive 70×7 times in a day… and i do not see how just one particular person will annoy you that much in one day… Jesus was just trying to say we should forgive no matter what… i know there are times we think the person does not deserve forgiveness.. But think of it this way… “Our Lord’s prayer”…. forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…

If you can’t forgive your neighbor, friend, family, wife/husband…. then do not ask God for forgiveness because He won’t answer you. Try to look past your differences… be the bigger person and apologize… say you’re sorry…. forgive so your prayers would be answered.

i read somewhere that the first to apologize is the bravest… the first to forgive is the strongest…and the first to forget is the happiest… try and live with this mentality…. if you don’t forgive… you’ll just walk around like a sad fellow…. with so much frown on your face like you are carrying the sin of the world!…. release that person you’ve been so annoyed with…. let peace once again flow in your heart!… not wearing a frown when you see your supposed  enemy coming!… and remember no offense is too great… you can forgive!!

Happy Sunday y’all 🙂 #stay blessed



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