if i ask you what faith is…. you’ll probably recite the popular verse of the bible: faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen….

really though, i find it hard to have faith at times, especially when it seems like all hope is lost. but then what brings me back on track is the thought that the basis of my religion- Christianity is all about faith. i haven’t seen God yet i believe so deeply that He exists…..

but the bugging question in view- why then is it so hard to believe at times?….. we rarely know how much faith we express everyday though, but when we are conscious that we need to have faith concerning a certain situation.. we tend not to believe..

a typical example is when you go to bed, you set your alarm to wake you up simply because you believe you’ll wake up and not die in your sleep…. (although God is the One that protects). it just points out the fact that we express a little faith everyday!… and as bible scholars we all know that: faith as little as a mustard seed will move mountains!

simply think, God created the heavens and the earth, the universe, the stars, the moon and so much more… there anything He cant do?… He is the all powerful God and there is no situation that is too big for Him to handle!

if you can believe there is a God…Our Creator…. who you cant see…. i think faith should not be as hard as it seems!

                                                                                 JUST BELIEVE!!!    😀


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  1. i define faith as buying a wallet with the last cash you have…and i don’t think having faith like a mustard seed is most believers problem, more like pushing/kicking that faith to work…great one, good topic..,*up top*


  2. lovely folu. thanks for this encouragement, i pray these words remain in our hearts and that God’s grace be upon us to always have faith even when it seems like all is lost. “God is really really real”. pastor folu!!!


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