life…. what is your perspective on life?….. is life all about birth and death to you?…. is there truly eternity?.. all these questions with different answers running through your mind.

my opinion about life though….. it is just a temporary place… we all have a duration on this earth… what you make of your life on earth determines your eternity… and yes i do believe there is eternity..(heaven or hell)…..your choice!

achievement is good yh!…. but like the bible says.. ”what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul”….. many of us, myself included act like there is no life after death. There is…. and it would be foolish to play ignorant!….. hell was made for the devil and his demons, but people will join them either because of ignorance or unbelief or unrighteousness…..and so much more.

take your time today, think of your life!… are you living it in a way that will definitely lead you to hell?… plus do not forget you have a purpose on this earth!…. God did not just bring you here to eat, drink and sleep. on judgement day- you’ll account for what you did on earth.

I’ll like to encourage someone reading this… to love- its d greatest commandment…. if you love someone, you’ll easily forgive….you’ll freely give…..  also, do not live your life like there’s no eternity…. always be conscious of d fact that  there is judgement day!…. live your life like the next minute is rapture….. (Mathew 24-25)….

thanks for taking your time to read this 🙂 looking forward to your comments!


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