Hi guys,


So… this is the start of a new week and the end of January in a few days (finally!) 🙂

I know most times Monday’s are like arrrgh and you’re wondering how the weekend is over so soon… but we’ve got to get to work and make a living yeah?

The way you start your Monday actually matters, as it most often dictates how the week will be and I’m here to ensure you have a great start to this awesome week.


Today…. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on self-motivation


This can be defined as getting things done by yourself without any external influence, this is usually an effect of having a passion for something. Self-motivated persons don’t sit around waiting for someone to direct them before getting things done. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you get up each day thinking of how to do things better.


You don’t want to be that business man/woman/employee that always has an excuse for running late or for not finishing your work as at when due. You want to be that business man/woman /employee that is always on time, achieving new heights at work, kicking butts at being awesome and seems to have everything figured out.



So I’ll be sharing 3 tips on how to be self-motivated and stay self-motivated in order to achieve desired results:


  • HAVE WRITTEN GOALS YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE: This keeps you on your toes as you’re working towards achieving something and you will only stop when it has been achieved. It will motivate you each morning as you look at the written goal. It will now be easier to chase that target given by your boss or chase that new deal you need to seal as you now have it in mind that achieving this goal will take you to the next height you hope on attaining


  • ALWAYS SEE THE GLASS AS HALF FULL: So… I understand that most times things don’t go out as planned and because we don’t have control over other people’s action or the environment, these has to be put into consideration. Try to see the positive aspect of every situation and every setback/failure as an opportunity to learn. Try not to let anything deter you from achieving your goal.



  • STAY FOCUSED: don’t lose sight of your goal. Read it every morning if you have to, or paste sticky notes all over your mirror, or record it and play it to hear before you go to bed every night… whatever works for you! But NEVER LOSE FOCUS or be distracted from your goal. The moment you do…. There’s no ginger to achieve it, you become lackadaisical about it and procrastination sets in…. and before you know it…. You’re telling a story of how you wanted to be the best optician (insert dream job) in the country.



I hope you stay self-motivated this week and be the best version of yourself at work! Enjoy the rest of your day. God bless you.


Your favourite girl,




if you are not grateful,  you will be a great fool… David Oyedepo

So am feeling pretty grateful today, guess it’s because of the thanksgiving sunday. Where do I start from…eerrm God’s impact in my life is truly indescribable.  Looking back at how far He has brought me, from our struggling days as a child to the unfolding of events in my life presently I can only say thank you Jesus.

My parents always tell me ‘if you don’t think hard you won’t be grateful’.  It is in our human nature to focus on the negatives and it blurs the good we have going on. My bible tells me to be thankful in all things not regarding the circumstances around you. 1 Thes. 5:18


thanksgiving is a sacrifice to God. Psalm 50:14. It should be part of your daily routine. Always thank God and you’ll see how things fall into place. Even on days when you feel you have no reason to be thankful look to psalm 3:5…I lay down and slept, yet I woke up in safety, for the Lord was watching over me. 🙂

quote for the d…

quote for the day

”an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”…..Mahatma Gandhi

the first time i heard this saying…. i laughed and actually acknowledged it to be true…..  the message i think Mahatma Gandhi was trying to pass across is that we should live in love, vengeance is of God!…. if every1 decided to repay evil for evil…. there will be no good left in the world…..

just thought to drop that in…..:)


Sacrifice as I would define it is giving up something to get something…..  Usually sacrifice is not just giving up anything… you’ll have to give up something of value….  God sacrificed his only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins because of the love He has for us. Even though we had sinned against him, He gave us a second chance at salvation…. Now we can boldly declare that we are His children, we can confidently claim that we would make heaven…. Because God decided to make a sacrifice

 You’ll probably be wondering why am talking about sacrifice……  I resumed school recently, and I had to pay for my fees, shop for provisions and all, all this obligations my parents had to fulfill excluding other house expenses and those of my siblings… and it just came to my mind how much my parents are sacrificing in order for me to get a better education than they did, in order for me to turn up better in life than they are. I was just amazed at how much I know my parents will sacrifice to achieve this, they go  out there every  morning till night, working to ensure my siblings and I are well taken care of…. God has been faithful but I know of a few things my parents had to let go of in order to fulfill ‘’our needs’’

At one point or the other in our lives, we’ll have to make sacrifices….. I think sacrifice is unavoidable in life, even God sacrificed his Son, and your parents are giving up a lot just to ensure you have it easy……  I’ll just like to encourage you this new session to make a little sacrifice…. Whatever is making you too comfortable to read, do your assignments, and do your projects…. Get rid of it…..  Is it sleeping… sleep less…. You don’t read… make that little sacrifice and burn the midnight candle…..  Is it food… eat less….because it’s only for a while…. Maximum 6years and you’ll be done with it all… it won’t be nice to do things shabbily and when you are graduating begin to wish things have turned out differently….

Pray hard, read hard and play hard…. Hehehe!!…  Wishing y’all a wonderful session ahead… and *whoop* am in 400L :D…. I thank the Lord

hey y’all…. Came across my book of poems i wrote in Sec. School…. So i taut to share some with you… Enjoy 🙂

As a toddler, i was a youngster
I had lots of poems to render
My life was filled with wonder
Hoping one day i would be older

Life was sweet as a toddler
With lots of friends to jolly together
And inner most desire to learn poems better
Inorder to impress my teacher beyond wonder

With my little hand holding my mother
And so much care with tender
Strolling along the bazaar
With jolliest moments to remember

I dreamt of being a singer
Hoping life would treat me better
Even as i got older…

:D….. Notice the ryhmes…lol!… Dis was like my first major poem…. Hope yhu luvd it!



hey people…. been busy with my exams so i haven’t dropped a little something to keep you inspired since…. sorry 🙂

hmm… so to the matter on my mind atm…”words”…. many at times we don’t realize how the words that come out from our mouth affect people… there’s a lot i would like to write on this… the biblical translation of the word (how Jesus is the word) , the day to day insults we participate in (me included)…. but in this article I’ll focus mainly on how to control what we say to people.

so i was talking with my very good friend today and we were talking about how you will say something for instance and take it as nothing and someone else might be annoyed about it. the things we say really go a long way in affecting our friends, lets try and watch it.

words… as i always say (in my determines a persons view of you, its not just all about first impression, from the moment you start speaking unconsciously we create our opinion of the person.

there was this certain person i came across: quiet and all, looking all innocent… but when the person spoke, it was a shocker! she was very rude, too loud, uncaring of what she said or who it affected, she was only concerned with her opinion ….i then looked at everybody’s expression, it was like every one was used to her. i also noticed she had few friends, even the ones that claimed to be her friends were careful around her.

some people speak badly of others, its really not good (even though i do that once in a while)… its not just about how much grammar you can blow 🙂 its more like what comes out of your mouth when you speak?….. does it make any sense?….. do you consider peoples feelings when you talk?……


how to speak better….(suggestions)

  • try to tell someone they look good or give someone a word of encouragement when you see them…  it goes a long way in boosting their self confidence like a friend of mine once told me 🙂 and it works!
  • the word of God is another way to speak wisely… when you study the word you’ll notice that you’ll be a better person hence speak with wisdom!
  • try to see the good in every one and say it…. don’t just think it….

make it a duty from now…. that the words that come out of your mouth impact those around you positively… instead of contributing to someones headache! 🙂 thanks for reading!!


fingers crossed

Am trying my hand at writing fictional stories, tell me what you think ……. here goes 🙂

it’s a sunny day, i just woke up and the first thing i notice is the clock on my wall making that annoying tic toc sound, like it’s telling me time waits for no man…. i then remember i was meant to burn the mid-night candle, because i thought Mr. Joseph will probably give us a test today!….

The only thing running through my mind at this very moment… ‘‘Just a few more weeks”… I’ll be done with school (tertiary education)… God knows i couldn’t wait to be done with projects, assignments, tests… the only thing that gives me hope this last few days is just that thought.

So there i was, still trying to figure out what to do first, ”read my devotional?”…. ‘‘Quickly revise my LMP 424?”… ” go and have my bath?” when all of a sudden the noisy P.A was switched on…. and i thought to myself if there’s one thing i won’t miss in this school it’s this P.A…. and there came the familiar voice, announcing something.. I immediately turned off and decided it best i took my bath and every other thing would follow.

the time is 9am…. my class is for 10am…. i have had my bath, read my devotional, even squeezed in a little time to revise… at least i would write something if he brought out an impromptu test i convinced myself…. so i committed my day to the Lord and set out to attend classes.

day after day, this was like my routine!…. i was tired of it all, i had just finished my defense… it was beautiful!… i just thank God i have completed that phase of my life…. the whole hustle of always going to meet your project supervisor to review your work, the late night researches, typing…. it was all over now…. i just had to finish my exams and I’ll be done….

the day i have been waiting for is finally here…. everyone looking all so radiant, so many congratulations everywhere… i have been feeling like a star all morning… the ceremony was like a déjàvu, I had played this scene a million times in my head that  it felt so familiar!…. the awards i received, friends and families that came to support me, my fellow graduating colleagues…. were all one big memory i wasn’t going to forget anytime soon.

As we drove through the gate of my Alma Mata… i gave it one last look, and all the memories came rushing back, how i had scaled through 5 years in this institution, how i was leaving a changed person, indeed the school passed through me and the world was about to see that. I was most especially grateful because i had my ticket of freedom… i was going to the world to represent Christ. I now had the chance to prove my worth and the world will just have to watch 🙂


a monday morning…. :)

am still lying on my bed, it’s 9:04am….. i have a paper (exam) today… but that’s not enough motivation for me to stand up atm… my body aches like crazy, due to some over sabi exercise i did a few days back! devotional was all about wisdom today….. and it got me thinking, wisdom is a very essential tool in life… it is this wisdom that separates a wise man from a fool. my bible tells me that by wisdom kings rule….

many at times, people confuse wisdom with knowledge…. knowledge is basically what we acquire in schools… they are facts….. wisdom on the other hand is not something you can learn by merely reading a textbook or something!…. ”wisdom is in limited copies”… as i would like to think of it, at times a wise person is referred to as wise due to live changing experiences he has encountered…. so he is in a state of….” don’t do this…. i know what i have seen…. it won’t work out this way…. try doing it this way”…..

but that’s not even the type of wisdom am talking about….. am referring to the type that has no age limit….. its really a simple thing though…. (proverbs 2: 6, James 1:5 )… just read the whole proverbs chapter 2 sha…. it talks about wisdom, knowledge and understanding!…

as a christian, the bible (the word of God) is really the insight to all things in life, its like a life manual…. God is the giver of wisdom…. Solomon in the bible… a popular story we all know talks about a young king who asked God for wisdom to rule his people… and he had wisdom that God said the earth has never and will never see its kind…

i guess my point this Monday morning is….. its not all about the knowledge you acquire in school…. out there wisdom is what will keep you standing. no one cares how much knowledge you have especially in an age where we can always Google it out! 🙂

ask God for wisdom this day!… and experience a life where your teachers will marvel at your understanding!! :D…. have a lovely day ahead y’all…. thanks for reading!!

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